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Apx 15 yrs ago or so that top corner spot was our home. I went for a quick drive last night to check it out and it looked exactly as it did back then.

Played a super fun round of golf this morning with some great people. What a great and challenging sport. Love it.

This @becombing #infinitypiece is my daily reminder to stay dedicated to the things that I love. I wear mine every day. You should swoop one up at becomb.com right now because @levimaestro is hooking up free shipping anywhere in the world today :)

Something about this mountain just wins my heart every time I see it. I can’t really put it into words. #MountTimpanogos #UtahGram

Walked with Jackson to the base of Park City’s Halfpipe tonight to get some fresh mountain air…Then we walked by the medical trailer where Daddy once spent half a day in after he scorpion’d in the park and snapped a few ribs 😜.

Love this stretch of road. #ProvoCanyon

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