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Our 16 yr old went to Homecoming tonight with this lovely young lady. Time is flying by, and I tried to pause it with this photo. We made a handsome one @melaniestephens :) #TimeWarp


How was your day?

Everyone should ask themselves at one point or another, “How would @necrason do it”, and then try to do it that way 😄. #tbt 📷 @stevenhahnphoto

Such a beautiful time of year. It’s sooo so good outside right now. #fall2014 #vscocam

You can learn a lot about a person by the way they grab their board. @livesimple mid roll to blind during our final Co catalogue shoot. 📷 @b1gspence #tbt

Thank you for the kind birthday messages everyone, both public and private…I saw every single one of them…Grateful :)

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